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Meet Lisa McNally

Lisa McNally

Meet Lisa McNally

“I’m a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Coach, Mediator, Educator and Author with 20+ years of divorce-specific education and experience. I’ve worked with hundreds of divorcing individuals, couples and families in all aspects of family law matters including, but not limited to, divorce, separation, child custody, co-parenting, parental rights and responsibilities, parenting schedules, child support, spousal support, real estate, assets and finances.”

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"Dedicated To Helping Individuals Divorce With Knowledge, Confidence & Dignity"

How To Break The News Of Divorce To Your Kids

Divorce can be a traumatic experience for your children. No matter how old they are, the divorce will be hard ...
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11 Ways To Stop "Over-Thinking" | Lisa McNally | Best Interest Coaching

11 Ways To Stop “Over-Thinking”

When you think too much, instead of acting and doing things, this is called "overthinking." Sometimes your thoughts prevent you ...
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The Road to Forgiveness is a Journey Toward Freedom

“If unresolved anger is a toxin to the spirit, forgiveness is the antidote,” wrote Brian Luke Seaward in his book, ...
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The Signs of Good Co(operative)-Parenting

To be a good parent demands untold commitment and requires that you make countless decisions every day—about babysitters, schools, friends, ...
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